15th July 2022, Weekly Update

15th July 2022, Weekly Update

  1. Growing Young Action: Mission Trips

One of the suggestions from the discernment process is that we might organise a mission trip for young people.

Christian faith is active. It forms, grows and develops by being acted on. It is noticeable that Jesus disciples were expected to participate in his mission almost as soon as they joined his group. When their understanding of him was still raw (and even minimal) he asked them to assist him and even sent them out to preach, heal and teach in his name.

Looking back many of us realise just how much our faith was formed and deepened by being given opportunities to serve. And that potential increased massively when we got the chance to be part of a team that took us away from our home base.

We would like to explore the possibility of arranging an annual mission trip for the young people in our church.  This could take different forms.

– A team might assist in running a holiday club in another part of Scotland.

– We might encourage and enable young people to join a team at an SU holiday.

– We might link up with organisations that send teams to do a practical task in another community that is needing help.

There are many possibilities each of which has benefits and also obstacles that would need to be overcome.

This is another of your good ideas we think should be explored more.  Like the other suggestions I am mentioning this month, one of the things that will tell us if this is what we should do, is if there is a group of people in St Andrew Blackadder who believe this is something they should get involved in. If there is a group, this may well happen. If no one comes forward, then it won’t.

Do you think this might be something God is prompting you to do? Does this resonate with what you are passionate about?  If so, then Chris Finlayson would love to hear from you. Her details are in the Church Directory or you can contact her through the church office.

2) Death of Rev Dr Donald McAlister

Donald was the minister of Blackadder church from 1960 till 1989. He moved to Pitlochry when he retired. He died last Sunday aged 97. His funeral will be in Pitlochry Church on Tuesday 19 July at 2 pm. We extend our sympathy to his family and give thanks to God for his life and ministry.

Donald’s ministry in Blackadder Church was marked by a commitment to Jesus, to preaching God’s word and to sharing the good news with the community – three features that quickly became characteristics of the congregation of St Andrew Blackadder when it was formed in 1989, and which, with the Holy Spirit’s help, we endeavour to maintain.

3) Summer Meals

A small team will be providing a meal for families who need it during the summer. It will be served in either Abbey or St Andrew Blackadder on Thursday evenings beginning on July 21st. If you know of anyone who might benefit or would like to assist, please contact Alison Singleton (Directory or Office).

4) North Berwick Holiday Club 25-29 July – See attached

Please forward the leaflets to any families who you think might be interested. Or pick up copies in the church building and pass them on.

There will be a Commissioning Service for the Holiday Club on Sunday 24 July 6.30-7.30 pm in Abbey Church.

5) Weekly Prayer

Each Wednesday on Zoom between for 30 minutes starting at 7 pm.

Contact Julie in the office for access.


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