22 July 2022, Weekly Update

22 July 2022, Weekly Update

  1. Growing Young Action – Support for Parents

Young people are part of families. One way to support and help young people face the challenges of life is to support and help their parents.

Various people tell us that many families in North Berwick are struggling with the pressures and demands of parenthood. Is there something we could do which would help them?

We don’t need to start from scratch. Resources which have proved useful are available and have been used by other churches. These are rooted in the Way of Jesus but connect well with people who do not profess faith. There are two in particular which the Growing Young Team, think might be worth exploring further.

The first offers support to parents of pre-school children, the second offers support to parents of school age children. As with all the initiatives I have mentioned it will need a team of people if we are to offer either.  If this is something you’d be interested in exploring and developing please contact Mary Leckie (details in directory or via the office).

2)  Safeguarding Coordinator

One of the essential foundations of all ministry in St Andrew Blackadder is a robust safeguarding system. This has been developed by the Church of Scotland as a whole and implemented in this congregation by the Kirk Session. A key person in this is the Safeguarding Coordinator.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mark Brough who has performed this role with diligence, care and thoroughness for the last 15 years.

We are also grateful to Mark Singleton who has agreed to be the new Safeguarding Coordinator. There is a photo board near both church doors. Mark’s picture and contact details are now on it.  Please contact him if you have any queries about safeguarding, or if you witness something which causes you concern.

3)  Summer Meals

A small team will be providing a meal for families who need it during the summer. It will be served in either Abbey or St Andrew Blackadder on Thursday evenings beginning on July 21st. If you know of anyone who might benefit or would like to assist, please contact Alison Singleton (Directory or Office).

4)  North Berwick Holiday Club 25-29 July – See attached

Please forward the leaflets to any families who you think might be interested. Or pick up copies in the church building and pass them on.

There will be a Commissioning Service for the Holiday Club on Sunday 24 July 6.30-7.30 pm in Abbey Church.

Youth Nights Flyer  Holiday Club Flyer


5)  Malawi Fundraising – See attached

This is the“day-care classroom block” which was the object of our 2022 Coffee Morning and general fundraising. Total funds were raised with the help of further generous donations.

6) Weekly Prayer

Each Wednesday on Zoom between for 30 minutes starting at 7 pm.

Contact Julie in the office for access.


Rev Dr Neil Dougall

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