29th July 2022, Weekly Update

29th July 2022, Weekly Update

  1. Growing Young Action

In the Spring you helped the Kirk Session discern what things we might do in order to take Growing Young forward.

Based on this the Growing Young team identified five possible areas that it thinks God wants St Andrew Blackadder to explore. These five things have been briefly described in the StAB News emails this month. This has given you a glimpse of what might be possible. One Sunday after the holiday period is over, they will be presented in more detail during morning worship.

The five ideas and the main contact person(s) for each one on the Growing Young Team are:

a)  A Group in the High School

(Andrew Duncan) – assuming of course that this is something that the Headteacher agrees will add something to the life of the school.

b)  Social Media

(BG Hill-Jowett)

c)  Worship outside the building  – eg Forrest Church

(Tommy Nelson, Niki McKenzie)

d)  Mission Trip

(Chris Finlayson)

e)  Support for Parents

(Mary Leckie)

Some of these ideas are more clearly defined than others. The issues surrounding the first two are mainly about implementation. The other three require more research in order to clarify exactly what might be done.  In all areas there is no need to start from scratch. There is material and experience to draw upon.

If you have an interest in any of these areas please get in touch with the contact person if you haven’t done so already. Their details are in the Church Directory or you can do so through the Church Office.  The confirmation that any of these things is what God is calling St Andrew Blackadder to do will be people stepping forward to turn them into reality.

2)  The Iona Community

There are a number of vacancies available, please consider applying, or sharing with others who may be qualified and interested.

Permanent posts. We are currently looking for an Executive Director and a Membership Engagement Administrator. Both roles are home based but will require the successful applicant to be able to attend regular meetings in Glasgow, with some meetings on Iona and Mull.

Volunteer posts. We have opportunities for volunteering on Iona, from September onwards.

For information about these posts, please visit our Vacancies page on our website.

3)  Weekly Prayer

Each Wednesday on Zoom between for 30 minutes starting at 7 pm.

Contact Julie in the office for access.



Rev Dr Neil Dougall

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