Prayer Diary September 2023

Prayer Diary September 2023

1          Give thanks for the very successful Holiday Club and pray that what was heard  and learned during the week will have lasting positive effect on all the children and young people who took part.


2          Pray for the members of Lothian and Borders Presbytery as they meet  today to discuss  important matters and make decisions that will affect the future growth of the church.


3          Messy Church begins again for the new year. Pray for Alison and all the leaders who will run the event and for all those who will attend.


4          Remember all the organists, other musicians and members of the choir who make such a positive addition to the worship each Sunday.


5          Pray for Neil and other members of the Kirk Session as they meet this evening.


6          Pray for someone you know who is finding life particularly hard going at the moment.


7          Remember  all who cook soup or donate cakes for the Beacon and pray for Neil and all who will take part in the Communion Service afterwards.


8          Pray for those in North Berwick who have been financially unable to go on holiday over the summer period.


9          The live streaming of the National Guild Annual Gathering takes place in our church today. Pray that the streaming takes place without a hitch and that the event is enjoyed by all who attend.


10        In worship we continue to ask God to stir the sleeping giant.


Look at a copy of the weekly order of service  or some other source of information and pray for the events which happen during the week.  Remember those who lead and all who will attend.


11        Monday


12        Tuesday


13        Wednesday


14        Thursday


15        Friday


16        Saturday


17        Today is Guild Sunday. Pray for all who will be taking part in the services this morning and for all who will attend.


18        Remember all who are involved in strike situations at the moment, in particular those who do not want to be involved but feel the pressure to do so.


19        Pray for all who will attend the joint meeting of the Guild held in our church and attended by members of The Abbey guild to hear Michaela Foster Marsh speak about Starchild Uganda.


20        Pray for members of our fellowship who are in hospital at the moment and are worried about what the future may hold.


21        Give thanks for all the positive things which are happening in our church at the moment.


22        Pray for all who go out from the service each week to help run the activities for the children and young people.


23        Remember all who worship at St Baldred’s Church and in Our Lady Star of the Sea.


24        Pray for the visitors to North Berwick who will be attending our services of worship this morning. May they feel noticed and welcome as they join with us for worship today.


25        Remember Hamis, Annika and their family in Sweden and the work in which they are involved.


26        Pray for Nikki and all the work which she has to do on behalf of the church, often behind the scenes.


27        Pray for those who are about to be married and also for those whose marriage seems to be falling apart.


28        Remember those who serve on our Community Council or in Haddington and Holyrood.


29        We will shortly be celebrating Harvest. Give thanks that we have more than enough to eat and pray for the parts of the world where good food is very scarce.


30        A presbytery event is being held today in Longniddry to help congregations engage in mission.   Pray that it will be an enjoyable and helpful occasion.

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