Prayer Diary October 2023

Prayer Diary October 2023

01/10/2023 Today we celebrate Harvest during our services this morning. Give thanks for all the good things that we are able to enjoy. Pray for Alison, the team and all who will attend Messy Church this afternoon.
02/10/2023 Pray for the minister and members of our sister church in Gangtok. Remember Uzwal and the churches in which he serves.
03/10/2023 Pray for those in our fellowship who have recently celebrated a significant event or will do so in the near  future.
04/10/2023 Remember Harry who was baptised in the sea recently. Pray for guidance for him as he plans the future.
05/10/2023 Pray for Hamish and his family in Sweden and for all friends and family scattered throughout the world, some in very difficult situations
06/10/2023 Remember the very elderly who sometimes feel isolated and forgotten and are nervous about what the future will hold.
07/10/2023 Give thanks for something which has been a great encouragement for you recently.
08/10/2023 Remember Ann Cubitt who will be leading the worship this morning. Remember all who will attend. Pray too for the minister and members of the North Berwick Christian fellowship
09/10/2023 Remember the suffering population in Ukraine and pray that both sides will find a solution in the near future which will bring to the war to an end
10/10/2023 Pray for Geraldine, Vicky and others who run Little Angels each week and for the parents, carers and children who attend.
11/10/2023 Remember those who get upset  by all he negative news which seems to pervade so many of the news items on television or on the radio
12/10/2023 Pray for those you know who are now unable to remain in their own home and are finding it very difficult to readjust to life in a care home
13/10/2023 Pray for the leaders and members who will be attending the Youth Night which will be held in our church this evening.
14/10/2023 Give thanks for Barbara and all the others who help with the Christian Aid events and pray that she will get the offers of help which she asks for.
15/10/2023 Pray for Margot Robertson as she takes the services this morning. Pray for those who might be attending for the first time.
16/10/2023 Pray for some of the other members who have a specific and important role in the life of the fellowship.

Keith Murdoch    Treasurer

17/10/2023 Mike Ingram        Church Officer
18/10/2023 Niki McKenzie     Session Clerk
19/10/2023 Julie Scanlon      Church Administrator
20/10/2023 Mari Scott           Pastoral Care Coordinator
21/10/2023 Pray about the transport and delivery of the packed shoe boxes which are being collected this month.
22/10/2023 Pray for Neil as we consider the Sleeping Giant – the Challenge of having Jesus in your house.
23/10/2023 Remember the work of the Day Centre – the staff, volunteers and visitors who come each week.
24/10/2023 Pray for the members of the Operations Committee as they discuss many practical matters which affect the running of the church.
25/10/2023 Pray about a very personal need which you find it impossible to share with others.
26/10/2023 Continue to give thanks for all the positive things which you have or are able to enjoy.
27/10/2023 Remember the leaders, parents and young people who will be attending Parent Space this morning.
28/10/2023 Pray that the apparent rise in Covid cases will not affect many of the vulnerable people in our community. Ask for guidance when they need to go out and about.
29/10/2023 The final week of Sleeping Giant. What Jesus said to Jarirus’ daughter he says to the church, “Arise”
30/10/2023 Remember all who will be upset or frightened by the some of the activities which accompany the Halloween celebrations.
31/10/2023 Pray for Karen Gillon, the Guild General Secretary who will be speaking at the meeting of our Guild this afternoon.

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