Prayer Diary, November 2023

Prayer Diary, November 2023

1          Pray about the terrible situation in Gaza and Israel. Remember all the suffering inhabitants who are grieving, terrified and very afraid of what the future may hold.


2          Pray for all who will be taking part in the Rotary Concert being held in our church on Saturday.


3          Remember the people who will be afraid or concerned about the noise or other events connected with this time of the year.


4          Remember the work of Scripture Union and pray for all who will be involved in the Winter Warmer Coffee Morning in Prestonpans today. Pray for Presbytery members as they meet today.


5          Pray for Donna as she preaches at the services today and remember all who will be involved in Messy Church this afternoon.


6          Pray for the groups who use our premises but have little or no connection with our church. May they  enjoy their visit and be encouraged to return for Sunday worship or one of our other church activities.


7          Pray for Neil and all the other members of our Kirk Session as they meet this evening.


8          Remember all who for financial  reasons have been unable to go on holiday this year and are upset when people they know are insensitive when talking about the  wonderful time they have had.


9          Pray for all who work in our local nursing homes and remember those members of our church who are now unable to live at home and are cared for in one of them.


10        Pray for Hamish, Annika and their family and work in Sweden. Pray especially for Hamish’s health.


11        Remember someone who was a great help and encouragement to you recently when you were worried or feeling down.


12        Pray for all who will be taking part in the Town Remembrance Service in St Andrew Blackadder this morning. Remember all who are working in areas of conflict today.



            Pray for some of the other members who have a specific and important role in the life of the fellowship.



13                    Andrew Duncan                      Youth Worker


14                    Marion Goodfellow                 Music Coordinator


15                    Ann Braid                               Guild Leader


16                    Kirstin Entwistle                      Kaleidoscope Editor


17                    Elaine Martin                           Beacon Lunch Coordinator



18        Pray today for other members of our fellowship who have an specific role in church life but were not mentioned in either this prayer diary or in the September edition.


19        The Guild is hosting a lunch after the second service this morning. Pray for all who involved in the preparation for the event – baking, cooking and serving.


20        Continue to pray for students at university or at college and in particular remember those who are beginning to regret going and wish to return home.


  1. Pray for all who lead and attend the numerous SU groups in schools throughout our region. Remember Derek Harley, the Local Ministry Coordinator for East Lothian and Midlothian.


22        Remember single parents who are finding life difficult, trying to balance the needs of their children with the ability to earn a decent living.


23        Pray that your Christian witness will have a positive influence on all you meet in the coming days.


24        Pray for those who used to be part of our fellowship but are now worshipping elsewhere or in some cases nowhere at all.


25        Remember the families and friends of those you know who have been bereaved recently.


26        Pray for Neil as he leads the Communion Services this morning and remember all who will attend.


27        Remember all those who help with the recording of the services and the production and distribution of the tapes.


28        Pray for all the drivers and paramedics who often face very stressful situations as they go out to help those in desperate need.


29        Remember all our organists, other musicians and singers who make a positive impact on all who worship each Sunday.


30        Remember all who be taking part in the Communion Service after the Beacon lunch today.



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