Prayer Diary December 2023

Prayer Diary December 2023

01/12/2023 Pray for family and friends who have been bereaved recently, having lost one of their family in tragic circumstances.
02/12/2023 Remember all who will be involved in the Day of Prayer being held today in St Andrew Blackadder Church.
03/12/2023 Pray for Richard Tulloch as he leads worship this morning in our church and for all who will attend Messy Church this afternoon.
04/12/2023 During this week pray for our local schools – the teachers, parents and pupils who attend each day. Pray for our Primary School and that the post of Head Teacher will be given to a person with skill and aptitude for this demanding role.
05/12/2023 Pray for the team delivering Bubblegum and Fluff (the Christmas Story) to P5 in our church today. May the staff and children enjoy the session and learn the hope of Christmas through Jesus’ birth.
06/12/2023 Pray for our Primary and Secondary schools that there will be good discipline in the classrooms and throughout the school.
07/12/2023 Pray for our Christian young people that they may have the courage to live for Jesus in their school.
08/12/2023 Pray for wise management of resources that there may be support for children with additional needs.
09/12/2023 Pray for all who are anxious and unable to attend school. May they get support to be able to engage with learning. Give thanks for those who enjoy school and pray that their positivity and energy will inspire others.
10/12/2023 Pray for all the young people who will be taking part in the Junior Church Nativity this morning.
11/12/2023 Continue to pray for revival asking the Lord to revive us, our church and our land.
12/12/2023 Pray for the Flame Project in Togo which is involved in Bible translation work and which we have  decided to support this year through Wycliffe..
13/12/2023 Pray for situations, events and people in the following areas of the world:   Gaza
14/12/2023 Israel
15/12/2023 Ukraine
16/12/2023 Russia
17/12/2023 Remember Mary Haddow as she leads our worship at both services this morning and pray for all who will attend.
18/12/2023 Pray for relatives, friends and contacts who are living abroad and you have not seen for a long time.
19/12/2023 Continue to pray for the elderly folk and others who are upset and worried when they get endless scam phone calls.
20/12/2023 Pray for those who are frightened by young people who are out of control and are terrorising their neighbourhood.
21/12/2023 Some classes from Law Primary School will be visiting our church this morning. Pray that it will be a meaningful and enjoyable time for all the pupils and staff who will be involved.
22/12/2023 Ask for guidance and wisdom as you respond to the many advert we receive asking for financial help. Pray that on at least some occasions we feel able to support charities which can offer long-term help.
23/12/2023 Continue to pray for the Day Centre and the changes in staffing which are taking place. Give thanks for what it offers to those who come each week
24/12/2023 Pray for all who will be part of the Lessons and Carols this morning and for all who will come to the All Age Worship at 7pm in the evening.
25/12/2023 Christmas Day Worship will be held at 10.30. Pray for Neil as he leads the time of reflection and worship.
26/12/2023 Remember the work of Cunningham House and pray that it will receive a good response to its appeal for items of clothing.
27/12/2023 Give thanks for the work of Scripture Union in East and Midlothian and for the newly started group in Penicuik High School.
28/12/2023 Pray for Neil and Helen and give thanks for all the positive things they have done during the year that has almost gone.
29/12/2023 Remember Julie who has checked the spelling, grammar and contents of the Prayer Diary and then printed it each month. Pray for her as she coordinates so many of the activities in our church.
30/12/2023 As the new school term approaches, pray for those who are worried about being bullied and pray for those in authority that they may have the ability and willingness to find a solution to the problem in their school.
31/12/2023 Worship for all ages will be held at 1030 this morning. On the last day of the year thank God for all the good things which you have been able to enjoy in 2023.

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