1 December 2023, Weekly Update

1 December 2023, Weekly Update

  1. Day of Prayer Saturday 2 Dec 8.30 am to 3.00 pm

Why not here? Why not now? Join in prayer that God will pour out his Holy Spirit on North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland and the World. Come tomorrow to the church building and pray. Be part of a movement asking for God’s healing for this land, his guidance for young people and his peace for a troubled world. More details attached.

 2)   Sunday 3 December

This is Advent Sunday. Rev Richard Tulloch will lead services at 9.30 am and 10.30 am (also live-streamed). The bible passages are Matthew 25:31-46 and 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11.

Messy Church 4pm -6 pm. An opportunity to explore the Christmas story with fantastic crafts, lively all age worship and a shared meal. It’s particularly suitable for families. Maybe you’ve been chatting to one and they’ve said, ‘We must come to church sometime.’ This is an ideal opportunity. Why don’t you invite them?  Better still, why don’t you offer to come with them. It’s so much easier going to a new place with someone you know.

3)   Christmas Card

On Sunday I urged you to invite everyone you know to come to one of the services over Christmas. What about the others in North Berwick?  A Christmas Card has been produced to be delivered in the eastern half of the town (StAB’s parish). Could you help deliver to one of the streets?  They will be available at coffee this Sunday with clear instructions. You are also welcome to take a handful to use to invite friends, family and neighbours in the other half of North Berwick or wherever you live.

4)   Nativity

    10 Dec

The first Christmas service is the Junior Church Nativity next Sunday 10 Dec at 10.30 am. Spread the word. If anyone says, ‘I love a nativity’ arrange to come with them next Sunday.

5)   Gifts for Families on North Berwick

NB Rotary are organising an Angel Tree at the Community Centre. Tags on the tree give some info about a specific child (age, interests etc) so you can buy a gift that’s right for them. Drop into the Community Centre, collect a tag, buy a present and return it to the Community Centre by Wed 13 Dec.

6)   COP28

The next Global Meeting on limiting climate change has begun in Dubai. Progress at these meetings can be painfully slow and action rarely matches the rhetoric. So is it a waste of time? Justin Rowlatt, the BBC News Climate Editor gives a really good answer.

Imagine for a moment that you are an alien visiting the Earth. You discover the planet faces a potential catastrophe caused by the actions of the people living there. The first thing that alien would say is:’ You guys all need to get together and agree how to sort this out’.

Christians believe there is a creator who created creation and who continues to care for that creation. So please pray that COP28 will result in agreement and action. If you want more details is one place you’ll find them.

7)   Deaths

Recently three people who were regular worshippers at StAB and who had moved to other fellowships have died.

John Munroe – his funeral is at Musselburgh Baptist Church on 8 December at 12 noon.

Vera Ross – her funeral is at St Baldreds on 12 December at 12 noon.

Lord James Selkirk – funeral tba.

Each, in their own way, offered an example of faithful discipleship as they bore witness to Jesus Christ and served others.

8)   Prayer Gatherings

Every Sunday in Prayer Room between 10 and 10.20 am

Every Monday in Room 1 between 10 and 11 am.

Every Wednesday on Zoom between for 30 minutes starting at 7 pm.

Please contact the office for sign on details.



Rev Dr Neil Dougall

Come and Pray

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