Prayer Diary, January 2024

Prayer Diary, January 2024

01/01/2024 Pray that during the New Year our work and witness will be a good reflection of our Christian faith and beliefs.
02/01/2024 As lots of visitors attended one of our services over the Christmas period, Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue working in people’s lives
03/01/2024 Remember all who are responsible for the recording and production of the CDs and DVDs each week. Pray that they will be a real blessing for those who cannot get to church regularly.
04/01/2024 Pray for all the husbands and wives you know who have lost their partner during the year that has gone and have had to spend their first Christmas without them.
05/01/2024 Pray about a church related issue which is causing you concern at the moment.
06/01/2024 Remember all who are finding it very difficult financially at the moment and pray for guidance so that you may be able to help them in a sensitive way.
07/01/2024 Pray for Neil as he leads our worship this morning and launches the new project.
08/01/2024 The big event in January is the launch of  Hungry for Good News? Gospels will be offered in different places in the church building. The prayer is that during the year 2024, 2024 gospels will be picked up by people in the church building. It launched on Sunday 7th January.

Pray  that gospels will be picked up.

09/01/2024 Pray that the gospels will be read.
10/01/2024 Pray for  people to be curious about Jesus.
11/01/2024 Pray for conversations.
12/01/2024 Pray for people to believe.
13/01/2024 Pray that the congregation will be ready and willing to support and welcome as people explore faith and begin discipleship.
14/01/2024 Pray for all the congregations in the other churches around North Berwick and for those whose who will be leading worship.
15/01/2024 Look at Hugh’s lovely article in the recent Kaleidoscope and pray for some of the issues involving our sister church in Sikkim.
16/01/2024 Think and pray about how best to respond to the needs of all the homeless people during  the  cold days and nights of winter.
17/01/2024 Give thanks and pray for someone who was a real help and encouragement in the last few days.
18/01/2024 Join with friends of Scripture Union as they participate in the SU Day of Prayer.
19/01/2024 Pray for all the leaders and young people who attend the Youth Night on a Friday.
20/01/2024 Pray for all who will be involved in the Malawi Coffee morning being held in our Church Hall today.
21/01/2024 Pray for all who will be involved in the Service for the Week of  Christian Unity held this evening in our church and lead by members of the North Berwick Christian Fellowship.
22/01/2024 Remember Annika and Hamish in Sweden and other relatives and friends who live abroad. Pray for them as they work and witness in other parts of the world.
23/01/2024 Pray for Tommy Nelson and all who will attend the Guild this afternoon to hear his presentation entitled Every Contact Leaves a Trace.
24/01/2024 Remember some of your family and close relatives who are not interested in attending church any more or have never been part of the fellowship.
25/01/2024 Pray for members of our fellowship who have not come to any activity in the church for some time.
26/01/2024 Pray that all who will be involved in the Food Hygiene Course arranged by the Beacon Committee will find it enjoyable and profitable.
27/01/2024 Remember the elderly people who live alone and get a visitor on only a very few occasions.
28/01/2024 Pray for the Pastor and all who worship each week in the Baptist Church.
29/01/2024 Remember by name all who are appointed by the church and do so much to help it be such a pleasant environment.
30/01/2024 Remember your neighbours and pray that you will be a good witness in the coming months.
31/01/2024 Pray for those whose marriage is in trouble and who have a family which is feeling insecure.

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