Prayer Diary February 2024

Prayer Diary February 2024

Keep your copy of the January Prayer Diary and use certain days in it to give more information about the theme mentioned on a number of days in February.                                                                                                                                                                                         1          Pray for all who this evening will be attending the meeting of the Presbytery of Lothian and Borders.

2          Look at the entry concerning Hungry for Good News in the January Prayer Diary and pray for the topics mentioned on the 8th, 9th and 10th.

3          Remember Paul, Mary and Stacy as they plan for their input with the young people tomorrow morning. Pray that the young people will listen and respond well to what they hear.

4          Remember all who will helping to run Messy Church this afternoon and pray for all the families who will attend.

5          Pray for your own involvement in the life of the church. May you find it fulfilling and be a benefit to all involved.

6          Remember Norman Lazonby and all who will be attending the Guild to hear about the Leprosy Mission.

7          Pray for someone who showed you a great act of kindness or generosity in recent weeks.

Pray that you can do the same for someone in the coming days.

8          Remember to pray for the Ralston family and their work in Sweden. Pray too for Sweden itself as it goes through a troublesome time.

9          Pray for someone you have not seen for some time and ask for guidance about if and when you should try to renew the contact.

10        Pray for the people who are finding it difficult to get employment and do not have sufficient cash to meet their financial needs. Remember all those who are trying to sell copies of The Big Issue.

11        Remember Margot Robertson who will be taking the services this morning and pray for all who will attend, asking that visitors will feel noticed and welcome.

During this week pray for people who are living in situations which make their life far less enjoyable and satisfying than that of many of us.

 12        loneliness

13        lack of finance

 14        unhappy family relationships

 15        marital problems

16        recent loss of a partner

17        housebound

18        Pray for the minister and members of the congregation in St Baldred’s Church as they meet for worship this morning.

19        Pray for all who will be involved in the Zoom prayer meeting tomorrow for the work of SU across East Lothian and Midlothian. Remember Derek Harley as he leads the work in our area.

20        Isla Martin will be talking about Poppy Scotland at the Guild this afternoon. Pray that it will be an informative and enjoyable meeting.

21        Pray for all who will be involved in the Beacon tomorrow. Give thanks for those who make the soup or bake the cakes.

22        Remember Neil as he leads the meeting of the Kirk Session this evening and pray that the members will reach positive and correct decisions at the end of their discussions.

23        Pray that the Lord will draw children and young people to sign up for the East Lothian and Midlothian residential weekends.

 24        Remember Andrew as he arranges events for the older young people in our church and encourages them in their Christian life.

 25        Remember all who will attend the Communion Service today.

Continue to pray that God will awaken the sleeping giant, the theme of many of Neil’s recent sermons.

26        Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring revival to North Berwick and Scotland.

27        Pray that St Andrew Blackadder will play its part in God’s mission.

28        Why not here? Why not now?

29        Pray about issues mentioned in the January Prayer Diary on the 11th, 12th and 13th.

Retain this month’s diary so that you have information regarding some entries in the next one.

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