Prayer Diary, May 2024

Prayer Diary, May 2024

01/05/2024 Pray for those who are unable now to take an active part in any of the church activities and find it difficult to feel part of the fellowship.
02/05/2024 Pray for the SU team who are arranging the Primary residential weekend this month and for all the young people who will attend.
03/05/2024 Give thanks for all the positive things which me enjoy as members of St Andrew Blackadder.
04/05/2024 Remember Lesley and all the staff who help at the Day Centre and pray for those who attend each week.
05/05/2024 Pray for all the new elders who will be ordained this morning. Remember too all who will be involved in the ASM after the 10.30 service and Messy Church this afternoon.
06/05/2024 Pray that God will awaken the sleeping giant,

that the Holy Spirit will bring revival to North Berwick and Scotland

07/05/2024 that St Andrew Blackadder will play its part in God’s mission
08/05/2024 why not here? why not now?
09/05/2024 that God’s glory may dwell in the land (Psalm 85:9)
10/05/2024 Remember all the contacts which our church has in Sikkim and elsewhere in India.
11/05/2024 Pray for Paul, Mary, Stacy and others who go out with the young people each Sunday and organise the special activities for them.
12/05/2024 Today is the start of Christian Aid Week. Remember all who will be organising events in our church and town. Pray for all who will benefit from the money raised.
13/05/2024 Pray for Julie and all the others who deal so efficiently with many of the practical issues which affect the smooth running of our church.
14/05/2024 Remember all who serve as welcomer’s before the services each week and for those who are on the teams who make it possible to have refreshment available after the services.
15/05/2024 Continue to pray for the Ralston family and all the others you know who are living and working abroad, many in difficult situations.
16/05/2024 Continue to pray for Andrew and all contacts he makes as part of his work with young people.
17/05/2024 Remember and give thanks for Niki and Keith as they fulfil their important roles in the life of the church.
18/05/2024 Remember the delegates who will attend the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland this weekend. Pray that the correct decisions about the issues discussed will be made.
19/05/2024 Pray for all who will gather in our own church and in the High School to worship on what is Pentecost Sunday.
20/05/2024 Remember all the students who are about to finish their course at university or college and are considering what the next step may be.
21/05/2024 Pray for the members of the Operations Committee who meet this evening to discuss some of the practical issues which will affect the church.
22/05/2024 As we hear from friends and neighbours who have come back from or a planning lovely holidays, pray for those you know who cannot afford to go away.
23/05/2024 Remember Neil as he leads and for all who will attend the Beacon Service this lunch time. Pray too for all the members of the North Berwick and District Association of Churches as they meet today.
24/05/2024 Pray for all who are involved with the making of arrangements for our Church Weekend in June.
25/05/2024 Pray for those who are unable to attend worship each week because they have to deal with embarrassing issues which they feel unable to share.
26/05/2024 Pray for all who will attend our Communion Services this morning.
27/05/2024 Please pray about the Gospel Project: Hungry for Good News.

– that the 2024 gospels will be taken during 2024

28/05/2024 that the gospels will be read
29/05/2024 for the Holy Spirit to open people’s hearts as they read
30/05/2024 for people to believe in Jesus and commit their lives to him.  Pray for Neil and all who will attend the Communion at the Beacon service.
31/05/2024 for people to engage in the journey of discipleship

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