Weekly Update, 24th May 2024

Weekly Update, 24th May 2024

  1. Sunday 27 May

Communion is celebrated at 9.30 and and 10.30 am. The 10.30 am will be live-streamed. If you are worshipping online can I encourage you to prepare your own ‘bread’ and ‘wine’ so that you can participate in communion at that part of the service. The passage is Colossians 2:6-15 and the theme Walking in Christ.

2)   Why is the Flag Pole bare?

A storm before Easter ripped the St Andrew’s Cross from the church flag pole. The flags we use are specially tough so they can withstand the fierce winds at the top of the tower.  Each flag is made to order. Only once a replacement flag arrived was it discovered that the rope and pulley for raising the flag had also been pulled off with the flag. It has taken some time to find a contractor able to work safely at such a high height. They have agreed to do the work by the end of June.

3)   Blister Pack Recycling

A second box of blister packs is nearly full – lots of great recycling is going on. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that the complexity of separating the elements of a blister pack means each box COSTS the congregation £140. That prompted someone who contributes a fair number of packs to ask if there was a way to contribute.  The answer is yes. If you would like to help with the cost, put something in an envelope, write recycling contribution and post if through the LETTERBOX. Do NOT put it in with your blister packs!!!

4)   Church Weekend Away at Scoughall, Fri 14th – Sun16 June .

Sign up via Contact the office if you need assistance. We suggest a contribution to help with the cost of the meals and hire of the site of £20/adult for the whole weekend and £10/young person. Please note that there is a separate booking form for teens that are sleeping over.

5)   NB Community Council public meeting, 

7.30 pm on Tuesday 28th May in the Sanctuary to discuss the way forward following the announcement of the proposed permanent closure of the in-patient beds at the Edington Cottage Hospital and closure of the Abbey Care Home.

6)   Prayer Gatherings

Every Sunday in Prayer Room between 10 and 10.20 am

Every Monday in Room 1 between 10 and 11 am.

Every Wednesday on Zoom between for 30 minutes starting at 7 pm.

Please contact the office for log on details



Rev Dr Neil Dougall

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