Weekly Update, 7 June 2024

Weekly Update, 7 June 2024

  1. Sunday

Services are at 9.30 am and 10.30 am (also live-streamed). The passage is Colossians 2;6-15 and the theme Choosing your life’s theme tune.  At the 10.30 service Jon will be baptized, and he and Harry will take vows of church membership.

2)   Gift Day 23/6/24

Half the money raised will be given away.  Our concern for climate change is not limited to North Berwick. Two of the projects we will support also concern climate change. One is in Malawi. Malawi uses very little electricity and no natural gas.  Most Malawians cook on open fires. This leads to deforestation as well as being hugely time consuming. These open fires lead to frequent accidental burns among children, and the smoke they produce is the equivalent of smoking 40 cigarettes a day.  Ripple Malawi has designed simple stoves which are safer, cleaner and much more efficient. They use 1/3 of the wood of an open fire. From Gift Day we intend to give £2,500 to pay for 250 stoves, and £2,500 to pay for 10,000 trees to replace the firewood these stoves will consume. 

Cooking Stove


3)   Church Weekend Away 14-16 June

Young people arrive on Friday night. The programme for everyone begins with lunch on Saturday at noon and on Sunday with breakfast at 9,15 am.  The 10.30 service with activities for children and teenagers will be at Scoughall. Contact the Church Office for more information or if you have any questions.

4)   Sunday 16 June

There will only be one service in the church building. It will be at 9.30 am and will be live-streamed. All children and youth activities will take place at Scoughall. You are welcome to come to the service at Scoughall even if you have not registered for the rest of the weekend.

5)   Election Hustings 18 June 7

North Berwick and District Association of Churches are hosting an event to hear and question the candidates standing for the General Election. It will be in St Andrew Blackadder Church. If you would like to submit a question please send it to by 13 June.

6)   North Berwick Holiday Club. 22-26 July.

Thank you to those who have volunteered to be part of the team in the last week. More people are still needed so please speak to Lesli if you can help or complete your form if you already have.  If you can’t join the team, could you pray for it regularly? Prayer points are attached.

Fit for a king promo

7)   Welcome Evening 3 July at 7 pm.

Have you started attending St Andrew Blackadder in the last few months? This is an evening which is designed to help you discover how you can contribute and belong.  It can be difficult to identify everyone who falls into this category, and sometimes even harder to get accurate contact details. So don’t wait for an invite please just come along.  And if you are able to let Julie in the office know beforehand that would be a bonus.

Note: this is a change of date from what you may have heard previously.

8)   Prayer Gatherings

Every Sunday in Prayer Room between 10 and 10.20 am

Every Monday in Room 1 between 10 and 11 am.

Every Wednesday on Zoom between for 30 minutes starting at 7 pm.

Please contact the office for log in details



Rev Dr Neil Dougall

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