Adult Programme

Just as our bodies need regular food, so our spirits need to be nourished in order to remain healthy. Without care and attention our faith will wither and die. In order to sustain our spirit a regular programme of prayer events is held. These include an opportunity to gather together for prayer every Monday and Wednesday, regular prayer at home group meetings and prayer in our own homes.

St Andrew Blackadder has a prayer chain and all prayer requests are treated in the strictest confidence. There are also some situations in our church and community that we can share in our daily prayer life, so we publish a prayer diary once a month.

Home Groups

St Andrew Blackadder has a network of Home Groups which provide members with the opportunity to explore the Christian faith through bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Each of our Home Groups meet fortnightly in the home of one of their members.

Meetings are very informal and last around an hour depending on whether there are any biscuits left or not!

For more information about the Adult Programme, please contact the Church Office.