St Andrew Blackadder Church Sustainability –Building Action Group

1. Reduce carbon emissions
2. Improve resilience against climate related disruption
3. Ensure our spaces are safe, happy & healthy
4. Review sustainable land use
5. Ensure every spend we make is in line with our values
6. Be good stewards of what we have been given to look after
7. Improve energy security for the future by reducing reliance on external sources

Matters agreed at meeting 07/05/2023
1. Above strategy approach agreed in principle
2. Priority for Year 1 is to reduce carbon as per Action Plan.
3. A Fabric First approach was agreed, with on site microgeneration and potential energy storage on site, and energy reducing
measures such as insulation, heat pumps, underfloor heating and system controllers.
4. Expert advice required to determine net carbon impact and cost of proposals/options.
5. Expert advice to be sought re funding opportunities.
6. A NB community heat network would be an excellent outcome.

Actions before next meeting
1. All to explore any case studies/ good examples where others have made changes.
2. Mike & Ewan to investigate energy monitoring improvements.
3. Joann to develop brief for Consultant led Options appraisal.
4. Joann to contact CofS Buildings Team to check if they have a framework/ preferred environmental consultant
5. Joann & Mike to ask Ops Committee to approve budget of circa £10-15k for an assessment of options
6. Joann to review energy bills to determine baseline
7. Robert to explore any possible funding opportunities with Sustainable NB.
8. Robert to explore community heat network appetite/ plans

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