The Foundation

The vision is grounded in the historic faith of the Christian Church, contained in the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.

The core values, which shape this vision are:


As we worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are changed from the inside out. There may be one or more turning points, but these are part of a continuing process, not completed during our earthly lives.

As we journey with Jesus we are changed and we invite others to join us on this journey.


The call to journey comes to individuals, but is also corporate. We are part of a community of God’s people, where diversity is welcomed. Together, we pray and worship, support and share, serve and care.

In the course of our mutual journey, our companions change us. The community we create strives to be a visible expression of these values.


As the Father sent Jesus, Jesus sends us. Our journey takes us out beyond the walls of a church building to be involved in God’s mission to the world, locally and beyond, in action and in word.