Prayer Diary, March 2024

Prayer Diary, March 2024

1         Join with those who are meeting in the Abbey Church today to mark the world Day of Prayer.

2         Pray for some of the dictators throughout the world and for the brave               citizens who risk persecution or death as they try to make their country         democratic.

3         Pray for all who will be taking part in Messy Church this afternoon as  they explore the Easter story.      

4       Look again at the entries in the January Prayer Diary on the 8th – 13th and pray about the issues connected with Hungry for Good News.

5      Pray for Andrew and his work with the young people. Remember him as he speaks this afternoon at the meeting of the Guild.

6      Continue to pray for the events which are still happening around the world but coverage seems to have gone off the radar a bit – namely in Ukraine and Gaza.

7      Pray for Patrick Regan and all who will attend the meeting this evening in our church to hear about his book and the work of Kintsugi Hope.

8      Pray that all who attend Parentspace today will feel welcome and that the church cares about them.

9      Remember the group of people who offer to pray at the close of the service with those who ask.

Pray that as they offer help and encouragement they will do so with  sensitivity and discretion.

10       Pray for Ann Cubitt as she leads morning worship. Today is Mother’s Day so remember in particular all the people who for various reasons do not find it a happy day.

11       Pray that during 2024, 2024 gospels will be picked up by users and visitors to the church building.

12       Please pray that these gospels will be read by those who pick them up.

13      Pray that the Holy Spirit will open hearts and minds so that people choose to follow the Jesus revealed in the gospel.

14      Remember the Ralston family in Sweden and pray for all the other friends and relatives throughout the world, particularly those living in politically sensitive areas.

15      Pray for members of our fellowship who are now living in sheltered    accommodation and care homes and are unable to attend services and other events in the church.

16     Pray that many will come to take part in our Church Day of Prayer.

17      Pray for those who will be making a public confession of their faith this morning. Remember all who will come to our church to worship today.

18     Continue to pray that God will awaken the sleeping giant, the theme of many of Neil’s recent sermons. Pray that he Holy Spirit will bring revival to North Berwick and Scotland.

19     Lyle Crawford will be providing piping entertainment at the Guild    today. Pray for him and all who will attend. Ask for guidance as they hold their AGM this afternoon.

20      Pray for all the secondary school pupils in our area who will be attending the Scripture Union weekend at Lendrick Muir on Friday

 21      Remember those you know who have been in prison, have served their sentence but are anxious about who might meet them in the community and recall the incidents in the past.

22      Give thanks for all the volunteers who provide breakfast at Parentspace today and for those who offer chat and discussion.

23       Pray for all who will be involved in the Guild Easter Coffee Morning, held this morning to help  raise funds for some of the Guild projects.

 24       Today is Palm Sunday. Pray for Neil as he leads worship and for all who will be attending our services this morning.        

 During Holy Week there will be a service each evening in a church in our area. Pray for the minister who will be leading the worship and for the  members of the congregation who will attend.

25      St Baldred’s

26      Abbey Church

27      Our Lady Star of the Sea

28      St Andrew Blackadder

29      Abbey Church

30      Read the biblical account and meditate on the true meaning of the events which occurred at Easter.

31   Easter Day Remember Neil as he leads worship in our church this morning. May it be a happy, uplifting experience for all who attend.


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