Prayer Diary, April 2024

Prayer Diary, April 2024

1          Give thanks for all that the Lord is doing through the work of  SU and local churches across East Lothian and Midlothian, sharing the good news of Jesus with children and young people.

2          Pray for someone you know who is finding life particularly difficult at the moment and ask God to guide you as you seek to help and encourage.

Pray that God will awaken the sleeping giant   

 3          that the Holy Spirit will bring revival to North Berwick and Scotland     

4          that St Andrew Blackadder will play its part in God’s mission

5          why not here? why not now?

6          that God’s glory may dwell in the land (Psalm 85:9)

7          Pray for the clergy and members of the congregation in Our Lady Star of the Sea as they meet to worship this morning. Remember too all who will be involved in Messy Church today.          

8          Pray that all the leaders throughout the world be more truthful about what is happening and ask for wisdom for us to decide what should be believed.

9          Remember someone you know who has been bereaved recently and pray that they will be supported and comforted by their friends and relations.

10        Continue to pray for the work of the Sustainability group, praying that words will lead to effective action. 

11        Pray for guidance as you try to help a family you know which has major financial problems and seems unable to find a way out.

12        Pray for all who will attend the Gilbert and Sullivan Concert in our church this evening and pray that there will be a good amount of income to help with the Guild projects.

13        Remember those in your family who are causing you concern and upset. Pray for guidance about if, how and when you should intervene in the situation.

14        Pray for Mary Haddow as she leads our worship this morning.

15        Pray for Neil who is on Study Leave for two weeks continuing the Coaching Course he is doing.

Please pray about the Gospel Project: Hungry for Good News

 16        that the 2024 gospels will be taken during 2024

17        that the gospels will be read

18        for the Holy Spirit to open people’s hearts as they read

19        for people to believe in Jesus and commit their lives to him

20        for people to engage in the journey of discipleship

21        Remember Ann Cubitt as she leads our worship today,

Pray for regions of the world and the people living in them where there is considerable unrest but do not get the same news coverage as others.

22        Nigeria

23        Yemen

24        Sudan

25        Venezuela

26        Haiti

27        Pray for all the children and young people who will attend church tomorrow  and remember the leaders who will be arranging the teaching input for them.

28        Pray for Richard Tulloch as he leads our services this morning.

29        Remember Derek Hartley and his team as they plan to start up SU groups in Dunbar Grammar School and Dalkeith High School.

30      Pray for Hamish, Annika, their family and work in Sweden and for all the friends who are working in potentially dangerous countries round the world.

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